Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teaching Charlie to Make Turkey Gravy

We have a regular Monday night dinner party we go to hosted by our good friends Charlie & Ana. This week, in honor of the holidays, we all put together a huge turkey dinner with all the goodies.

Ana did the turkey in a plastic bag. I've never see this done, but MAN was that turkey tender, juicy and delicious.

Mr Soup was carving the bird when Charlie realized that no one had thought of gravy. Since we didn't really have time to do a serious effort - I taught him how to make a fast and tasty pan sauce. It was nice and light and perfectly complimented the turkey.

What we did:
I was holding Little Miss Soup the whole time because she is in her mamathon phase where she doesn't want ANYONE else...but Mama Soup. So, I had the interesting opportunity to just boss someone else around. Charlie is a very nice bossee.

I had him take all the juices that were in the bag and put them in a large measuring cup then place it in the freezer to make the fat rise to the top faster. In the mean time, we melted a stick of butter in a large skillet and added a chopped onion, salt, pepper and a shake or two of poultry seasoning. I had him throw in a handful of flour and we made a nice roux. Meanwhile, I was able to skim the fat from the juices. We first added about 1c of white wine to the roux, then poured in the drippings. In about 10 minutes time - we went from NO gravy to a simple pan sauce that was a total hit. I need to have a bossee on a regular basis from now on. It was fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I Blog

My mom had this very 1970s recipe card file box (it was some cool green and yellow paisley swirly affair). Someone had taken the time to type up recipes on 3x5 note cards. They were sticky from years of love. There were also all sorts of recipes in there that had been ripped out of magazines...
My gran had a cookbook that was a wedding gift. Over the next 70 years, she added all sorts of recipes to it...and commentary. The thing is falling apart from all the love...
Well, my blog aspires to be that... a catalog of recipes our family enjoys. there are definately some misfires...and some huge hits. I've just gotten started with it - but am having fun trying to figure it out.
I've been following some other cooking blogs that do a great job photographing the cooking process. But, this is more...rustic. It is theraphy for me in a weird way...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr Soup Flew The Coop

So, Old Man Soup was in NYC all week. That left the Soups at Home to their OWN DEVICES.

Turns out Little Mr Soup is quite the gourmet. At his request we've enjoyed the following this week:

Mac n'Cheese

Fish Stick with Waffle Fries


Roast Chicken with rice and beans

Little Mr and Little Miss have never been happier. Me, I'm craving a salad right now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Words to Live By

Chicken Soup with Rice, by Maurice Sendak


In January it's so nice

While slipping on the sliding ice

To sip hot chicken soup with rice

Sipping once, sipping twice

Sipping chicken soup with rice


In February it will be

My snowman's anniversary

With cake for him and soup for me!

Happy once, happy twice

Happy chicken soup with rice


In March the wind blows down the door

And spills my soup upon the floor

It laps it up and roars for more

Blowing once, blowing twice

Blowing chicken soup with rice


In April I will go away

To far off Spain or old Bombay

And dream about hot soup all day

Oh, my, oh, once, oh, my, oh, twice

Oh, my, oh, chicken soup with rice


In May I truly think it best

To be a robin lightly dressed

Concocting soup inside my nest

Mix it once, mix it twice

Mix that chicken soup with rice


In June I saw a charming group

Of roses all begin to droop

I pepped them up with chicken soup!

Sprinkle once, sprinkle twice

Sprinkle chicken soup with rice


In July I'll take a peep

Into the cool and fishy deep

Where chicken soup is selling cheap

Selling once, selling twice

Selling chicken soup with rice


In August it will be so hot

I will become a cooking pot

Cooking soup of course-why not?

Cooking once, cooking twice

Cooking chicken soup with rice


In September, for a while

I will ride a crocodile

Down the chicken soup-y Nile

Paddle once, paddle twice

Paddle chicken soup with rice


In October I'll be host

To witches, goblins and a ghost

I'll serve them chicken soup on toast

Whoopy once, whoopy twice

Whoopy chicken soup with rice


In November's gusty gale I will flop my flippy tail

And spout hot soup-I'll be a whale!

Spouting once, spouting twice

Spouting chicken soup with rice


In December I will be

A baubled, bangled Christmas tree

With soup bowls draped all over me

Merry once, merry twice

Merry chicken soup with rice

I told you once, I told you twice

All seasons of the year are nice

For eating chicken soup with rice

Ode to Mount Green Bean

I am a believer in the gracious plenty. However, my pea brain went over board with the Thanksgiving green beans. Really over board...

When I was planning the menu, I knew I needed to about double each recipe in order to make sure we had enough of each item for each guest to enjoy.
However, when it came to the green beans, I had some sort of mental block. I didn't double it once, I doubled it twice. Hense, Mount Green Bean. Our party didn't even begin to make a dent in them. And they were good - crispy beans served with a pickled onions and a maple vinegrette. So nice not to have the gloppy casserole covered in limp formerly crunchy onions.
Then, in the middle of the night, it occured to me that Mount Green Bean needed it's own country western song. They were proud and plenty...Oh the Gory Glory!

Submissions now being accepted for the appropriate Ode to Mount Green Bean.

More Thanksgiving Photos

More Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Recap

What a terrific day! We all ate too much, drank too much and really enjoyed being together on a perfect South Florida day.